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At Avalon, we offer a soulful education that integrates spirituality into every aspect of school life, fostering self-discovery, mindfulness, and ethical values. We gauge student progress holistically, emphasizing social and emotional development through a 360-degree feedback approach. Empowering students, nurturing emotional resilience, imparting essential life skills through Skillful Saturdays, and celebrating the partnership between parents and educators.

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Soulful Schooling

A goal for the soul!

Every year, 1200 students walk the tricky terrain to help tame the senses and control the mind. Avalon's soulful experiences are integrated into everyday learning to help students and teachers reach the summit of self-realization. Read More

Through this journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, we teach children to fight demons, within and outside. Our program includes: 

  • Daily Meditation: 10 minutes a day without compromise – strengthening through the power of silence.
  • Mindful moments: Finding your inner calm – building control through composure.
  • Multifaith Prayers: Singing prayers from all different sects each day – building secular acceptance and respect for humanity.
  • Silent teaching: Communicating without spoken words –where the power of silence teaches profound truths.
  • Reading for Pleasure: An hour a week, exploring biographies of great saints and other books – Wondrous Wisdom through Words.
  • Reflection: The ideal reflection tool to introspect and redirect – the ultimate behaviour management method.
  • Spiritual Hour:  A special assembly with devotional music and discourse – unleashing the power of collective prayer.
  • Vegetarianism: Following a strict vegetarian diet in school – Encouraging Compassion for Environment.

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Live & Learn

Liberal Learning Landscape

Education develops skills. Liberal education creates an ecosystem to leverage one’s potential to the fullest.

Avalon’s approach goes far beyond subjects, tests, and scores. We use a customized, focused outlook that helps every student discover and develop their passion and find their true calling. Read More

Our methodology borrows heavily from the National Education Policy and curriculum framework, and aligns with the sustainable goals prescribed by the UN.

In helping build knowledge, attitudes, and skills in tandem with imperative 21st century skills, we have modified:

  • Assessments: Our assessments are varied and gauge as much of the learning process as the outcome. Written work, presentations, and vivas help clarify understanding. Students assess their own work and that of peers using checklists and rubrics.
  • Themes: Learning can never truly be broken down into individual subjects. This is why we use a thematic approach, integrating subjects to extend a holistic learning approach that also promotes life skills.
  • Reports: A child learns from everyone they interact with. We ensure every agent – including the student, peers, teachers, and parents weigh in to create a comprehensive, 360 degree report. This offers a vivid, elaborate, and multi-dimensional perspective on the student.
  • Support: Education isn’t intended to test a student’s ability. It is meant to nurture them to enable them to achieve everything they set out to. Our customized Extra Support Programs (ESPs) help address learning gaps and bridge them with individual support.
  • Mentoring: Especially in the higher grades, students need guidance in making subject choices, managing pressure, and achieving their goals. Our teacher mentors help students navigate through these years by offering them learning aids, strategic plans, and assistance in managing self, time, and challenges.

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Voice matters

Student Agency

“If enablement is the lifeblood of Avalon, empowerment is our heartbeat.”

School is no different from a workplace. Students spend over 6 hours every day, investing in their learning journey. Remunerated abundantly with insights and learning, they are also rewarded with perks and bonuses that include key life skills like leadership, decision making, and communication. Read More

At Avalon, we champion and enable them to cultivate and craft their bespoke experiences. We build a sense of ownership and accountability by offering them ‘Voice and Choice’.

Student-driven mandates include:

  • Student council: The student leadership body that forms the able bridge between pupils and management.
  • Student interns: Budding professionals who contribute actively to Avalon’s newsletter, social media, art team, and events.
  • AHMUN: Avalon’s own Model UN – planned, executed, and coordinated entirely through student agency.
  • Metanoia: A student-led Humanities fest to help create a greater awareness and buzz surrounding the stream.

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Emotional Empowerment

An open canvas for thoughts, a funnel for emotions, and a playground for sociability – this is just the beginning of the arena Avalon creates for a Social, Emotional, and Learning (SEL) environment. We acknowledge that the mind and emotions cannot be separated, and that learning, thinking, and emoting are all intertwined.
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To help build emotional resilience, empathy, and fortitude in individuals preparing for the realities of life, we provide:

  • Counseling cell: Armed with a full-time counselor from ‘Drishti’, and two in-house counselors and remediators who lend a helping hand, patient ear, and invaluable advice.
  • Teacher conferences: Intimate one-on-ones with the homerooms where each pours out their heart and listens to understand and forge deep bonds.
  • Focused group therapy: Conducted basis student needs and circumstances, including grief therapy, self-esteem, perfectionism, peer acceptance, and anxiety.
  • Mental health sessions: A series of off-beat talks and workshops that touch upon pertinent issues like puberty, teen love and romance, sexuality, and anger management to name a few.
  • Community Hour: A confluence for the whole class to deliberate on issues that impact them. An avenue for teachers to build perspective and life skills, including self-management and regulation techniques.

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Skillful Saturdays

“The future is theirs who have skills, and the ability to showcase them well.”

Going far beyond the traditional curriculum, Avalon crafts ‘Skillful Saturdays’ throughout the year. On these select days, we develop crafts and trades that help make our students more well-rounded, confident, and capable in the social and professional arena that awaits them. Read More

The plentitude of vocational subjects available include:

  • TED Talks 
  • Photography 
  • Cookery 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Graphic designing 
  • Craft club
  • Debate club
  • Drama club
  • Dance club
  • Book writing club
  • GK Club 
  • Calligraphy 
  • Music club 

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Life Learnings

Parent Partnership

The Parent Teacher Association at Avalon is an elected body of representatives. One parent representative is selected from each grade. Each year the elections are held in April and the executive body is formed with the principal as the chairperson and one elected parent representative as the Joint secretary.Read More

Our PTAs have been upholding a positive, productive partnership with us for the last 23 years. We thrive on their suggestions, feedback, and involvement in several school programs, upgrades, improvements, and changes. 

Considering Avalon took birth from the needs of a disconcerted parent, we have always valued and welcomed parent support and feedback. It has been an important voice in helping us improve and reach where we are today. The PTA’s role may be best understood through these analogies:

  • A strong bridge that brings us closer to the whole parent body.
  • Avalon’s personal 5G network, where every message reaches thousands of other parents in a jiffy.
  • Our battery bank, constantly charges us with loads of love and compliments on every teacher’s day. This annual event lingers in every teacher’s memory forever.
  • The shock absorber that buffers the outburst of an unhappy parent and delivers to us the crux of the issue.  
  • An SOS helpline number for anything and everything that the school needs.  
  • A super effective sieve that brings down bigger and larger issues that affect the community (not just Avalon) at large for us to focus and work on.

The PTA connects us to our parent community, one huge family of 1200 small ones. We can tap into all resources within our parent body - whether it is for career talks, internships, or simply filling in for a missing teacher. 

Apart from this, Avalon’s PTA also showcases its dynamism by conducting an annual MEGA event where we also open our doors to the community outside Avalon. The PTA has successfully led large-scale fundraising events like “Eclat” (an Arts fest), “Colours of India” (an event showcasing unity in diversity of all our states), and “Swasth Avalon” (an initiative to focus on good health, especially post-Covid), just to name a few.

In the words of Henry Ford, 

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success.”

We owe our successes to our PTA body and are eternally grateful to them.

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We maintain that learning is lifelong, and our teachers are no exception. We invest over 100 hours of in-service training and refresher programs every year ensuring continuous professional development to stay at the forefront of educational trends. Read More

This dedication ensures that our educators are not just instructors but also guides, leading our students toward a brighter and better future. Our teachers:

  • Attend cell meets and council workshops.
  • They participate in conferences and seminars
  • Participate in school exchange programs.
  • Participate in international and national school visits.

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Social Impact

The community and school are inextricably linked – as they take turns impacting one another. The symbiotic relationship between the two is undeniable: one continually influences the other, making them inseparable. It is, thus, very important that children interact and engage actively with the community. Read More

The endeavour is not just confined to being socially connected. The resultant are transformative outcomes that blur the lines between the giver and the receiver. With this aim, Avalon engages in various Social Impact Projects that help children evolve into dynamic contributors to their community. In so doing they embrace and embody the core values of empathy, responsibility, and service that lie at the very heart of our educational mission.

Sustainable development goals: With an aim to cultivate a generation that not only understands the importance of the SDGs but also takes meaningful action to take them to fruition, we have designed a curriculum that integrates the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into every grade. We achieve this through project-based learning.

Through this, we raise awareness about climate change, advocate for sustainable consumption, promote gender equality, and fight poverty. Our students don’t just learn about these conceptually. They parallelly develop essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and flexibility while actively working towards a better, more sustainable world.

These ends are achieved through activities in school like moot courts, filing RTI applications, campaigns, and writing letters to concerned authorities regarding problems in their community, to name a few.

Empowering students to become global citizens who are engaged in tackling global challenges.

Community Service: Our commitment to the community is evident in our students' service to specific causes. Each grade is linked with a distinct social cause, and students commit a set number of hours to actively contribute to these. From adopting village schools, creating awareness programs for villagers, caring for cancer patients, and elderly residents in nursing homes, and coaching underprivileged children in science experiments, computers, and literacy, our students embrace a diverse range of projects. These efforts are complemented by our Skill and Service Saturdays, where students acquire vocational skills that empower them to make a tangible impact. From mastering first aid techniques to culinary arts, these skills enable our students to actively participate in cleanliness drives and hunger relief programs, reinforcing their sense of responsibility to the society that nurtures and inspires them.

Swasth Avalon: Incorporating the vital lesson learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, that good health and well-being should not be a passing fad or a transient trend but a lifestyle, we organize "Swasth Avalon," an entire week devoted to the promotion of health and fitness as a sustainable way of life.

The term "SWASTH" is an acronym for "Students for Wellness, Awareness, Scientific Temperament, and Health." This remarkable initiative is primarily spearheaded by our students, with unwavering support from our dedicated PTA (Parent-Teacher Association).

Swasth Avalon encompasses a range of activities, including health awareness exhibitions, free health check-up camps, blood donation drives, and enlightening panel discussions featuring medical professionals, dieticians, and fitness experts. Mandates focus on various aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness.

Our students also engage in fundraising efforts aimed at providing free eye surgeries and treatments for individuals from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. This holistic approach to health not only empowers our students to actively participate in community service but also involves teachers and parents, through a collective effort to improve the overall health and well-being of our larger community.

Serving those who serve us: We are dedicated to the well-being of our Maushis’ and Bhaiyyas’, who have valued members of our school community. As a token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, we provide them with nutritious fruit daily, ensuring they receive essential vitamins and minerals for their health.

They are offered vitamin D supplements to support their bone health. Recognizing the importance of their health and safety, we extend our care by providing comprehensive medical insurance coverage up to 1 lakh, guaranteeing that they have access to quality healthcare services whenever needed. Additionally, students felicitate and celebrate them on 2nd October and hold a special program in their honor every year.

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Global Partnership

Avalon believes in expanding horizons through meaningful global collaborations. These partnerships open doors to cross-cultural experiences, enriching our students' global awareness and nurturing their ability to thrive in an interconnected world. Through these collaborations, we aim to provide our students with a broader worldview and a profound understanding of global dynamics, preparing them to excel in a rapidly changing global landscape

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